Bachelor of Interior Design Graduation Show 2021

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Amy Gelinas

Being graduated now has pushed me in a entrepreneurial direction with the opportunity in my rural community and I have loved building relationships known for the small communities. Apart from doing my own design work, I also work with a Staging and Design company that focuses on new builds, and selling homes.

December 2020 graduate

New Life Centre

A place to start fresh

Homelessness holds a negative connotation because of the stigmatization and judgment that labels its stereotypical characteristics. Homeless individuals rely on park benches, back alleys, parks, hidden compartments or even the sidewalk as a safe place to rest their head, meanwhile what put them on the street is so quite different from person to person.

Homeless shelters people, they are most often overcrowded or un- available, lack support and resources and are a negative experience leaving homeless individuals to never return. Interior design can change this, creating a typology that promotes self worth, rehabilitation and the health and safety of each individual.


The goal of this term has pushed the development of our thesis assignments for the remaining terms. Homelessness is an incredibly sad truth in our modern world and unfortunately, there are not that many remedies or options for help available.

Designing a homeless shelter that not only focuses on provided sleeping accommodations, but additional resources and services will not only aid in minimizing the number of individuals who are currently homeless but also hopefully detour at risk homeless individuals.


Armaan Mohammed

March 2021 graduate

As a young junior designer, I strive to create designs that are not just accessible to all users but strikes a reaction and dialogue which creates new discussions and ideas for the future. Interior Design is not just aesthetics, it is a tangible expression of art that accommodates a person’s wellbeing and needs.

The Playground:

Post-Secondary Educational
and Mentoring Facility

Millennials for the longest time have been the punching bag for cheap excuses on the downfall of modern civilization. However, in reality, millennials (and Generation-Z) have been the generation that has got it the hardest in terms of coping with the modern lifestyle of the 21st century.


From student loan debt, to unaffordable housing, to financial security, the Playground is a mentoring facility based in Toronto for millennials, Generation-Z, young graduates, and anyone with the desire to grow, gain experience and network.

Arpine Balabekyan

February 2020 graduate

Having an engineering background in Armenia, I had been working for a few furniture firms as an interior designer before entering the Academy of design at RCC. In addition to selecting furniture and doing individual projects (mainly residential) for the clients, I attended furniture fairs in Italy and cooperated with several Italian furniture manufacturers.

Art Center

The Art Center, based in Toronto, is created to serve the community needs by combining education and leisure for children and adults. The rooms have been allocated according to functions and users- Educational (Upper) Zone and Public/Visitors (Lower) zone. The design concept- ‘’the vibrant hand’’ is a symbol of creativity that brings the community members of different generations together. It represents the spirit of expression and learning and stimulates the ideas of integrity, cohesion and contribution as well as boosts imagination and creativity.


A design solution reflecting the concept is “The vibrant cube” inside the gallery space which is adding interest to the large gallery space by creating different atmosphere inside it with the use of various types of lighting techniques inside it. Thus, the artworks of the Gallery appear to the visitors of the center under “a new light” as the colour and quality transform.

Claudia Silva

March 2021 graduate

Born in Bogotá – Colombia; lived in Italy, Chile, the US and Canada. Moved to Canada with my family looking forward for new experiences, better opportunities and pursue my dreams. Passionate for design, creative, competitive, and highly focused on details. I feel I am ready and motivated to face the challenges of this demanding world within different cultures & backgrounds.

Visual Arts & Performance Centre

(Bogotá - Columbia)

My project was born out of an idea from Moving Spaces Studio, in a desperate need to bring solution to a temporary shelter for people suffering from displacement due to violence, drug trafficking and natural disasters that happen very often in Colombia and has been leading a Humanitarian Crisis for over 50 years.


My proposal is a Visual Arts & Performance Centre to support the victims and educate through art. Located in Bogota the capital city of Colombia, oriented to general public with the participation of local and international artists with ongoing exhibitions, music concerts and performances with significant community involvement and the use of natural local resources to support economy, give employment opportunities as well as to keep the financial assistance and expectations to support the basic needs of the victims such as living spaces, education and food.

Devon Barrett

March 2021 graduate

My instructors at Yorkville University gave me the courage to design without inhibitions and always pushed me to consider how human behaviour could be challenged through my space. Working on my thesis has led to making a goal of designing educational and cultural spaces.

C.A.R.E. - Kamloops Region

This facility was created for the care of those displaced by forest fires in the Province of B.C. Through thoughtful space planning and biophilic design, the goal was to focus on implementing lighting and materials that promoted sympathetic sensory experiences for the users; this objective created a livable space for users to feel supported and safe to heal from the trauma of being evacuated.


The concept is a mobius strip. The mobius strip is known in topology as a curved surface with no inside or outside; they are all encompassing and represent the infinite cycle that life takes. Borderlines between building and landscape merge by evoking the senses of the people who inhabit each space.
A specific attribute of this project that I am particularly pleased with is the space planning of the facility. Each area was meticulously arranged so that all adjacencies strengthened a location and considered how users would experience the building from their first step across the threshold.

(Community Action Resource Establishment)

Erica Keaveney

March 2020 graduate

I have had a passion for design for as long as I can remember. Growing up I always wanted to build and create and from there it flourished to my passion for Interior Design. I am very lucky that I am able to pursue my chosen career in Interior Design. Thank you to my family and friends for always being supportive of me through my academic career.

St James Intergenerational Living Facility

There are two main issues that the St James Intergenerational Facility will combat, the first is the extremely high Toronto Housing Pricing. The Design Solution to combat these two issues is to create a living facility in which it benefits a wide range of people in different ways, thus creating an Intergenerational Living Facility.


Haneih Ahani

December 2020 graduate

My name is Hani. I have a Master of architecture, but I worked all my carrier as an interior designer at high-end Architectural firms. I think I am more interested in Interior design than Architecture because I love details and creative detailing, that has always intrigued and excited me, a couple of years before I found a chance to go back to university and got my Bachelor of Interior design from one of the accredit ARIDO’s schools.


I worked on my theses to create a facility for everyone (especially people with visual impairment) to experience the space with all their senses expect sight; I got one term off and became a volunteer for CNIB to know my client and design regarding their needs and feels. I graduated with Honor and Present’s award from Yorkville University.

I came to the conclusion to use visual impairment as a foundation to explore other senses. I want to create facility for those with visual impairments that would celebrate their impairment, and yet for the facility to not be an exclusive space, rather an inclusive space where others could benefit from experiencing all off their senses. When you lose your sight, your other senses get sharper. Blindness doesn’t change how your sense of hearing, taste, or touch tactility work, it accentuates the alternate sense.

I tried to create a kind of contemplation(mediation) facility with 3 different saloons, as all we know for doing mediation, we need to close our eyes (so it is not important you can see or not).


You have to take off your shoes:

First space: The space is completely dark and covered from top to bottom with different materials(stone, grass, concert, brick) in 4 different sequence(four different space) so you can experience & feel the space with using your touch & smell sense.

Second space: The space is completely dark, and you walk on water and start with the sound of falling water (high speed), in second sequence you experience the sound of gentle running water, and finish with the sound of dropping water, you can do your meditation anywhere you feel comfortable.

The third space: The space is completely dark, but gradually you notice the natural light and feel it on your skin (comes from small holes on the wall) & gradually it is become bigger and coming from ceiling and you can site on any spaces (which is designated for mediation).

Finally, I came to this conclusion that I am not going to design specific space for the blind. Why cannot those who are visually impaired go to school or church or anywhere just like other people do, the only differences are that their sensations are heighten in different areas and they need a little more (or different) accessibility.

From here I understood that I have to get back and think about phenomenology, because design is more than aesthetic, it is about the kind of feeling through experiencing the space, if we really understand it, we feel completely pulled to a space.


Leeda Omar

March 2020 graduate

Leeda Omar is a passionate and active individual who is in the process of passing the NCIDQ exams. Seeking the best in her design work and ability, she is inspired by architecture and design in different communities, cultures, and history. In her spare time, Leeda enjoys boxing, physical activity, cooking and sketching architectural features.

Community Wellness Recreational Center

The Community Wellness Recreational Centre design purpose is to universally provide a fresh and healthy environment, exercise, and proper nutritional classes to encourage a stronger mindset. Exercise and nutrition are very well-known as an effectively safe way for mental health treatment, such as depression, anxiety, and chronic diseases.


As part of the design, the modern concept of the building and selection of interior finishes, materials and furnishing benefits the overall space by strictly focusing on sustainability. This is an environment that welcomes residents from a wide range of ethnic and social classes. The design presents a sense of place and community by providing many opportunities to rebuild and take care of their mental health.

Lindsey Fraser

December 2020 graduate

Interior Design has the unique and exciting power of shaping how people experience society within the built environment. It is my passion to create spaces that foster connections and memories while also exploring innovative design solutions and sustainable methods. As a designer I have the responsibility to ensure that each space is designed with dignity and compassion, for the clients, end users and the environment.

The Habitat LGBTQ+ Centre

The Habitat LGBTQ+ Centre aims to create a haven for those within the LGBTQ+ community to receive affirming care and a sense of community while actively breaking down barriers of discrimination within society.

The Concept is a tree ring, a symbol of growth, history and hardships, provides a unique window into the life of the tree, mirroring the realty of struggle, achievements and the imperfect journey people move through to reach their authentic self.


The design elements throughout the project were strongly influenced by Biophilic Design through incorporating various interior gardens, living walls and water features. This coupled with tall ceilings, 3 story windows and natural materials, the centre creates a unique experience for the users in an effort to create a positive narrative surrounding potentially sensitive experiences.

Lorna Chapman

March 2020 graduate

I am Lorna, an Interior Design graduate from Yorkville University. In 2016, I researched options to change my career by earning a degree in a profession that promised to fit my interests. Because I was working full time, educational opportunities were limited but Yorkville University proposed earning a degree online with the flexibility of taking a course load that I could manage. Initially, I balanced work and school, then eventually committed completely to my education. Ultimately, this led to finishing up on campus where I met peers and mentors I had previously only interacted with digitally.

HOPE City Community Center and Church

This project developed out of a desire to see urban society get back to nature and community. As social beings, our physical, mental, and spiritual needs are met when we organically interrelate with each other and nature. Centrally located and easily accessed, Barrie Bus Terminal provides opportunities for HOPE city Church to expand their social work with community gardens and safe childcare. This multiuse facility is shared with the community to help develop cultural and collective identity.


All spaces are flexible for use where the sanctuary, community room, kitchen, and classrooms can be used for other suitable gatherings. The café will serve for casual and purposeful connections while the retail outlet will be the venue for community buying and selling of all products. On the upper level, a childcare center with a safe, rooftop playground and office space for counselling as well as organizing community programs is available to all.

Matina Shakir

March 2021 graduate

My name is Matina Shakir and I am based in Philadelphia, USA. An art enthusiast all my life, I constantly explore new horizons to integrate my Fine art background with my Design skills to satisfy my creative instincts. An unending desire to gain new skills and knowledge, coupled with a never give-up attitude has made me venture into various disciplines and pursue Interior Designing which has been a life-long dream. I believe that passion, positivity, integrity, and commitment can help achieve every goal and dream – if only we have the courage to pursue them!

MESH – Cultural Center for the Arts

MESH is a Cultural Center for the Arts that addresses the prevalent problem of Cultural Bias which stems from prejudice among people belonging to different ethnicities. It also targets the issue of Environmental awareness and the urgency of action for its protection.

Through my research, I found that Art can bridge cultural gaps, encourage dialogue & foster ideas among people. Hence, I designed this space to be a multiuse facility which includes educational and performance areas that encourage intermingling of groups and exposure to their unique cultures.


My concept ‘Mesh’ symbolizes this harmonious integration of identities and is a celebration of diversity, empathy, awareness, strength, and unity. Based on the principle of Biomimicry, it derives inspiration from various patterns found in nature, bringing focus to the environment and its preservation. Furthermore, the incorporation of accessible restrooms and adherence to ADA standards in design make the space accessible to people of all abilities. The Center also brings in revenue through the art gallery and café, making it economically viable.

Mitchell Brooks

June 2019 graduate

Mitchell completed his Bachelor of Interior Design online while working in the industry as a technologist, project coordinator and designer at several architectural and interior design firms.  He has since become a founding partner in Stated Studio in Calgary, Alberta.

LGBT Centre

The current social and political environment seen in our world focuses heavily on the fight for equal human rights, specifically the growing support for local LGBT communities around the globe. The LGBT community is a minority group, consisting of a vast and differing collection of sub-demographics which is constantly growing, evolving but always needing their own safe space and supportive environment. At the same time, cities such as Calgary have seen an economic downturn resulting in exceptionally high downtown office vacancy rates, never seen before.


This project undertakes the combined initiative to create a central and inclusive community centre for the local LGBT community while looking for new solutions and uses in response to the high vacancy rates in downtown Calgary.

Naghmeh Harandi

September 2020 graduate

I took up Bachelor of Interior Design from Yorkville University, Toronto, ON, Canada which is a CIDA accredited university in 2020. My passion for colour, drawings, renderings, furniture selection and all things” design” has grown into a lifelong fascination with interior design. During my time in the interior design program at university, my artistic and creative skills have grown immensely, and each project has given me an opportunity to explore new ideas, respond to new challenges, and build my design skills and knowledge.

“Play & Learn” Family Childcare

Physical activity is a public health issue for Canadian Kids. Most of children in Canada do not get enough physical activity during the day and this puts them at increase risk of physical and mental health problems. It will also have a great impact on their thinking, concentration, and academic performance.

The purpose of this project is to solve the children’s inactivity problems by creating a daycare and playground for children aged 10 and under. The project will emphasize in creating indoor and outdoor play areas and classrooms which can revitalize the physical and mental growth of children at the facility.


At this centre children will spend many hours participating in play activities to support their moderate and vigorous activities time. There will be two separate spaces as public space which include (playground, restaurant, and library) for parents who prefer to interact with their kids and a daycare to cover the needs of parents who need to leave their kids on hand of trained staff and educators in a safe, secure, and stimulating environment.

Mohammed Akhtar

March 2020 graduate

Mohammed Akhtar has worked on countless projects in architectural and interior designing for several years, after graduating from Yorkville he is focusing on providing sustainable architecture around the world.

Vegan Grill Inn

This commercial project has a personal interest for me to create and facilitate the segment of specific requirements and need in the food industry. As we go along the traditional ways consumption and demand of food has been changing drastically in order to meet the needs of the people. This has created various kind of food by modifying or damaging it genetically, which we call GMO (Genetically modified organism).


This commercial project not only fills the need of consumers seeking a restaurant experience but would also bring celebration to a person's history, culture and fulfill the need of vegan people at a higher level. Providing social and community relevance as it fulfills a niche that is rising in the surrounding area bringing vitality to the area by drawing people in from the community as they seek not only a dining but also a social experience.

Tara Mirzakhani

Fall 2020 graduate

I can remember my excitement for design from childhood memories up to now. I believe that world is a beautiful, peaceful place and we all deserve to live with high standards. To create a peaceful zone, we need to focus on design elements and apply them. I have a strong eye for design and experience life visually by taking in all the elements that create our world: colors, shapes, forms, materials, etc... Brings out my creativity.


I designed a Warm welcoming wellness spa in heart of Down town Toronto. The wellness spa is designed based on three main occupancies including Nail Care area, Green Bar and Massage Therapy Area which also divides into 3 main occupancies of Yoga studio, Massage therapy rooms and Turkish Hammam/ Sauna.


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